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Greatness infused In Rising Ladies


Providing young Queens with the tools and resources to build self-awarenessconfidence, learn to value themselves and find their inherent strength by offering workshops in financial literacy, Etiquette, Health & wellness, Leadership Development, Community service, Culture Enrichment, Time Management & Organizational skills, Entrepreneurship, Workshop Rediness, College readiness, and so much more...

We rely on volunteers and donations to make our successful.

First Workshop: 


Date: Saturdays, November 5, 2022

Time 11:00 am

Location: 3921 South Capitol ST SW suite 2

NDB Mentoring will help young Queens!

* Make decisions and set goals, keep motivated, and focus

on goals.

* Improvements in school/ Home

* Nurture confidence and self-esteem.

* Listen help solve problems

* Introduce new ideas.

* Prepare for new chapters.

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