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expressive impact summer!



9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Neverblackdown Community organization provides equitable access to all programming, from added inclusion support to peer-group access classes in order to provide the most successful experience to each student.

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Every aspect of our  program is designed to put young Kings and Queens in charge of their own learning experience. At NeverBlackDown Community Organization, we are all about making learning a fun, hands-on experience that children will remember for years to come. Our well-rounded curriculum lets campers explore their interests in Entrepreneurship, sports, culture, health and wellness, and more. By providing a variety of interests, we encourage our campers to pursue their passions and dive head-first into their own learning. These will ultimately be the kids who are prepared to tackle the challenges of an everchanging world with creativity and confidence. Our curriculum is based on social emotional building blocks such as resiliency, optimism, emotional mastery and more. Your child’s level of personal development at camp will be matched only by your camper's level of fun

We rely on volunteers and donations to make our successful.

Primarily funded by donors, our day camp is an enrichment programs pair experienced behavioral health staff with skilled subject experts in graphic designing, Art-therapy, heat pressing,  and other activities to unite individual youth treatment goals with skills developed as part of the group-enrichment activity.

With an emphasis on emotional expression and managing emotions in new ways, our Enrichment Programs are an enjoyable way for youth of all backgrounds to engage with new experiences in safe settings. Apart from having fun, these connections to the outside world, nature, and peers help youth build self-awareness, confidence, and mindfulness as they heal from past trauma while learning specific skills.




STUDENTS WILL...Be introduced to an entrepreneurial growth mindset Engage and have fun in a project-based experience, Discover personal strengths and passions, Receive a comprehensive and thorough understanding of entrepreneurship and advance skill acquisition to launch a real business with selling experience Ideate, create a pitch for funding, and run a real business Learn goal setting, developing a business plan, financial literacy, marketing, charity Solve real-world problems with support from a strong educator and adult mentor.

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