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Spring break 2023!

4/17/2023-04/21/2023          10:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Never Black Down is offering a heat press workshop for young Kings and Queens ages 10 to 16. Sign up to today and explore the art of fashion through the production lends. Learn to professionally design, cut and print t-shirts.

We rely on volunteers and donations to make our successful.

Primarily funded by donors, our programs pair experienced behavioral health staff with skilled subject experts in graphic designing, Art-therapy, heat pressing,  and other activities to unite individual youth treatment goals with skills developed as part of the group-enrichment activity.

With an emphasis on emotional expression and managing emotions in new ways, our Programs are an enjoyable way for youth of all backgrounds to engage with new experiences in safe settings. Apart from having fun, these connections to the world, skills, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and peers help youth build self-awareness, confidence, and mindfulness as they heal from past trauma while learning these specific skills.

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